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My Time at ITL Virginia - Paige

My Time at ITL Virginia - Paige

Paige Moynihan, a rising junior at the University of Richmond Robin’s School of Business, has spent the last 3 months as a Business Development and Marketing intern at our facility in Richmond, Virginia.

We asked Paige a few questions about her experience working at Vitl Life Science Solutions…

Q: What attracted you to the ITL Group?

“While applying for internships this Spring, I was instantly attracted to the ITL Group. As a marketing and management student I knew I was interested in brand management and business development, however, I also wanted to learn more about operations and supply chain management.
Additionally, after taking seven years of mandarin and studying global marketing, I was interested in learning about the ways a globalized corporation operates. Therefore, I was eager to intern at Vitl, an international company where I could explore multiple career paths simultaneously in order to ultimately determine which I wanted to pursue.”

Q: What have you been up to during your time with us?

“Well, the brief answer is a lot! In May, I attended a two-day conference at the National Institute of Health to prospect potential distributors for of ITL Group’s own brand of Laboratory Equipment– Vitl Life Science Solutions.
In June, I travelled throughout The Research Triangle to meet with both current and potential distributors. In early July, I participated in a webinar to demonstrate Vitl Life Science Solution’s products and explain each product’s key features, applications, and selling points to a group of international sales representatives.
I created marketing post cards to send to procurement managers, supply chain managers, and laboratory managers from businesses such as localized criminalistics laboratories, internationally recognized children’s hospitals, and large pharmaceutical companies.
In addition to creating these postcards, I also produced a variety of social media marketing material used by both ITL Group and their Vitl Life Science Solutions division. In particular, I generated web banner advertisements for distributor websites.
In late July, I completed a market research project analysing the current market competition for a potential addition to the Vitl Life Science Product Portfolio.”

Q: What have you learnt during your time with ITL?

“While I spent much of my summer working with Melanie Lombardi exploring what a career in Business Development and Marketing at ITL Group meant, I was also able to explore the operational side of ITL Group through working on data analysis projects, studying the company’s quality assurance standard operating procedures, and engaging in discussions with Thomas Jull, the Vice President of Operations for ITL Group in the United States.
In the first week of my internship, Thomas Jull asked about my goals for the internship as well my ultimate career goals. During this discussion, I told Thomas that while at ITL I hoped to gain valuable work experience by helping the company to grow their United States operations and brand presence, and through doing so determine what career path I ultimately wanted to pursue. Yesterday, while in Thomas’s office updating him on a project’s current status we began discussing the changes occurring in the MedTech industry. During our conversation, Thomas gave me advice I will carry with me throughout the remainder of my career: while it is important to specialize in something, because of the constantly evolving world marketplace, it is more important to be a versatile and dynamic professional.”

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

“So, to answer the question I posed to myself at the beginning of this Summer: there is no one specific career or title I want for the rest of my life, and perhaps there shouldn’t be. Rather than define my place in the workforce in terms of one specific skill set and consequently limit my ability to grow and adapt, I plan to cultivate both the quantitate and qualitative aspects of my academic interests. Following the example of ITL Group, which has constantly evolved since its founding in 1977 by creating record breaking products, adapting to changing economies, and entering new global markets, I plan to never stop striving to learn more and do better. Thanks for having me!”

If you are looking for work experience or a longer-term placement with the ITL Group, head to the group careers page to see what current opportunities are available.

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