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Microplate Heat Seals

Foil Seals and Sealing Film for Microplates

All consumables are not created equal

When it comes to microplate seals there are dozens if not hundreds of varieties with a whole host of different physical properties, chemical properties, resistances, solvent susceptibilities and optical properties.

Of course not all protocols require these extremes, but having the right consumable available for each method is one of the cornerstones of the modern laboratory.

Without a comprehensive range of seals you might find yourself limited in what you are able to select for your work – perhaps you are handling a sample with an extreme pH, or one which requires storage at very low temperature, or indeed heating to a much higher one (like PCR).

Microplates can also be constructed from a variety of materials, such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene or COC.

Each material has its own unique properties which must be taken into consideration – for example when sealing two microplates made of different materials using the same type of seal, one may give a perfect seal whilst the other may be of poor quality, or indeed not seal at all.

Vitl offers a comprehensive range of heat sealing foil and films for sealing a range of microplates.

These seals are ideal for (but not limited to) use with the Vitl Variable Temperature Microplate Heat Sealer and Vitl MicroTS Compact Microplate Heat Sealer.

Vitl stock a comprehensive range of heat sealing foil and film for microplates, check our comparison table before choosing from the links below:

20um Green - Piercable, High Temperature Foil
38um Blue - Peelable and Piercable Foil
70um Red - Solvent Resistant Foil
85um Black - Heavy Duty Foil
75um and 105um Clear Sealing Film 


*All technical specifications are based on reccomended use, if you have specific requirements and cannot find a seal that meets your needs please contact us and we will find the right seal for you.*

 A simple, yet effective feature of our seals is a written warning that identifies the correct orientation that the foil needs to be so that it seals to the microplate and isn’t stuck to the sealer.

This makes them virtually fool-proof, even when you’re working under pressure.


Key Features and Tech Specs

  • Heat seals are supplied in packs of 100 sheets, each measuring 125mm X 80mm
  • Custom reels of seals for automated heat sealers are available on request
  • Range of seal thicknesses and formats including optically clear, peelable, piercable and DMSO resistant.
  • All heat seals feature 'this side up' to avoid incorrect sealing

 Application Examples

  • Sample Storage
  • Sample Archiving
  • PCR

Order Number

Various - see Product Datasheet below


Microplate Heat Seals Product Datasheet

Heat Seals Comparison Table

Not sure which heat seal is right for you? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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