Custom lab equipment solutions for your methods

Because Vitl was born out of an engineering company, we are able to customize our lab products and their software to optimize them for your method.

If you currently own one of our products or can’t find a product similar to one of ours that meets your needs please let us know.

A few examples of how we have customized our lab products in the past:


Custom Microplate Sealer AdapterCustom-made adapter blocks for the VTS Microplate Heat Sealer


Requirement: One of our customers needed an adapter block for a Vitl VTS Microplate Heat Sealer that could accommodate a non-standard microplate type.

Solution: We tweaked the existing design of one of our standard adapters to fit the specifications of the microplate and manufactured a small batch for the customer.

We have also altered the height of the heater plate to allow a different customer to use a higher disposable than previously possible.

Reels of Microplate Heat Seals


Requirement: The customer used an automated microplate heat sealer and had identified a particular heat seal from the Vitl range that suited their needs. At the time, seals were only available in boxes of 100 sheets rather than as reels.

Solution: Vitl worked with their suppliers to create a tailor-made reel of the relevant heat seals in a unique colour.

Pule Mode Ther-Mix Heated MixerA new shaking mode for the Ther-Mix


Requirement: During Beta trials of the soon-to-be-released Ther-Mix Heated Mixer, a trial site identified that their assay yielded better results with a less controlled mix.

Solution: Our engineers manipulated the Ther-Mix software to include a pulse mode which is now part of the standard software.

In this instance, the Ther-Mix will be sold as part of a complete test and it allows the customer to use only one instrument rather than three separate ones.

Custom heated modules for the Ther-Mix and Flexi-Therm


Once the Flexi-Therm and Ther-Mix are launched, Vitl will be offering custom heated modules.

We have already had several enquiries during Beta trials and have developed prototypes of some of the custom modules that are currently being tested.

OEM Solution Vitl VTSOEM solutions for distributors


Another way we customize our products is by offering OEM solutions.

Our distributors have the option to change display colour, casework colour, labelling etc. so that our products match their brand.

Vitl doesn’t just sell products; we sell solutions to your problems.


Take a look at the Vitl Laboratory Product range to find out more.


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