Reliability Testing the Vitl Microplate Heat Sealers

It’s easy for us to say that your Vitl laboratory equipment is built to last but how can you be sure?

We want you to be as confident as we are that your heat sealer is a long-term investment and that’s why we test them to their limits.

This article gives you a look behind the scenes at some recent reliability testing carried out by our design engineers.

Reliability Testing Vitl Heat Sealers

VTS Variable Temperature Heat Sealer

The VTS variable temperature microplate heat sealer was the first product in the Vitl range.

Since hitting the market around 9 years ago, the VTS has become widely recognised as the leader in manual laboratory heat sealing.

To ensure that the design is just as reliable as it was back then, we recently re-tested the heating capabilities of the VTS.

The VTS has been run on and off (2hrs on, 30mins off) at its maximum temperature (200oc) for 3 months and will continue for a further 4 months which will simulate 5 years of usage.

And the results?

After 5 years worth of testing the VTS was still in good working condition with results reading the same every day.

The unit didn’t fail on any test points and handled added cycles throughout the day well.

MicroTS Microplate Heat Sealer

As well as thermal testing similar to the VTS (at its fixed temperature of 170oc) the MicroTS microplate heat sealer has also been subjected to rigorous mechanical testing.

The MicroTS was run continuously for 2 months, during which time it completed around 105,000 sealing operations. That’s equal to 20 years of continuous usage!

The results have been excellent with no obvious signs of defects, very little wear and tear and no recorded failures.


The MicroTS mechanical testing rig in action

If you're looking for lab equipment that’s proven to last, take a look at our product pages.


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