Programming the Vitl Co-Mix: A Quick Guide

With an innovative touch screen user interface, the Vitl Co-Mix laboratory mixer offers unparalleled programmability, allowing you to create and store up to 100 single or multiple-step mixing programs.

This article shows you how easy it is to create and store mixing programs using your Co-Mix.

Setting a simple, one-step mixing program.


1. Select the existing program that most closely matches your requirements

Co-Mix Programming 1

2. Press Tools then New

3. Name the program with the QWERTY keyboard and press accept

Co-Mix Programming 2

4. In the first menu, select the adapter block type1 and unlock to allow speed and time settings to be changed

Co-Mix programming 3

1The adapter selected is indicated in the top right hand corner of the screen. The default setting for the adapter type is none (signified by the red x) this should be used for microplate programs. Types 1, 2 and 3 refer to the standard adapters provided with the Co-Mix. Adapter types 4-9 are currently redundant.

5. Set a simple, single-step program using the increase and decrease buttons which will be automatically saved. Use the start button to test the program

Setting an advanced, multi-step mixing profile (follow steps 1-4 above first)


6. Press the profile button to display the profile editing screen

Co-Mix Programming 4

Co-Mix Programming 5

7. Select the step you wish to edit and press the modify button

8. Create your first step by setting the speed (RPM), mixing time (Days/Hours/Mins/Secs) and the ramp rate using the accept button to move between parameters

Co-Mix programming parameters

Co-Mix Programming 6

9. Repeat step 7 for up to 20 program steps.

Note: You can test individual steps of the program at any point by selecting the step and pressing the play button located in the switch menu

10. Use the profile editing menus to add, remove or duplicate any of the steps in your program  

Co-Mix Programming 5

Once completed your new program will be stored on the main mixing menu, from here you can test all of the steps of your new program in sequence

Visit the product page for more information on the Vitl Co-Mix Laboratory Mixer.


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